Platinum-water interface

These visualizations were developed by Kevin Ryczko and Isaac Tamblyn (UOIT).

The platinum-water interface is of great interest in the field of electrochemistry. Platinum is known to be one of the most efficient metals for water electrolysis due to its low over potential. We have run molecular dynamics models using the Vienna ab Initio Simulation Package to investigate the structural properties of water next to platinum. The supercell consists of 112 platinum atoms and 100 water molecules. The following image was generated using VMD, and then was rendered in 8K using POVRAY, which took about 45 minutes. In the image, the silver atoms are the Platinum atoms, the red and while molecules are water molecules, and the smaller grey atoms in the background are periodic images of the supercell.

The following movie of the platinum-water interface was rendered in VMD using a TCL script.

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