Stakeholder Group

A broad stakeholders group will be established in the fall of 2016 to keep interested parties informed about progress in the project and the service.

You can request to be added to an email list to become part of this Stakeholder Group and to receive updates about this National RDM Service.  This list is run as a Google Group at  

To ask to be added to the Stakeholder Group, send email to

Who is involved?

A small development team has been assembled to put together the software framework serving as the basis for a national repository and discovery platform.

  • We are getting lots of help from
    • Alex Garnett (Research Data Management and Systems Librarian, Simon Fraser University)
  • Compute Canada has partnered with to evolve and customize their tools for large data transfer and discovery.
  • In Compute Canada the project is under the Research Data Management Team of the Science Leadership Council.
  • Alan Darnell ( from the Ontario Council of University Libraries / Scholars Portal is leading a group developing a roadmap for future improvements in Archivematica to manage large data files and datasets.

Eugene Barsky (eugene.barsky@ubc.cais the chair of the Portage Discovery Expert Group and involved in a University of British Columbia/CARL partnership on federated data discovery. An environmental scan of data discovery systems is being conducted by this group and options are being considered for the design of a coordinated, national discovery service for research data in Canada. These findings will inform the development of a discovery layer interface.