The System, the Service, and the current Technology Project


The System

A national RDM system needs to recognize and support research data management from planning and grant applications through the research lifecycle to data dissemination and preservation. It must also welcome and accommodate many players and repositories.

The Service

We see this national service having three components: repository, preservation pipeline, and discovery engine.It will provide the means to discover and access research data held in repositories across the country, as well as operate a new research data repository that can handle large data files and large datasets. This new repository will be called the Federated Research Data Repository (FRDR).

Federated Research Data Repository (FRDR)

  • Will provide Canadian researchers with a new repository for storage and access RDM screen1 english
  • Will support self-submission of data by researchers       RDM screen3 submitting
  • Based on Globus technologies: Globus Connect (for fast and efficient transfer of large datasets) and a customized instance of Globus Publication (to upload datasets into the national repository) RDM screen9 transferring files
  • Will house data in Canada; metadata will be read into the Globus Search Platform running on Amazon Web Services
  • Will be able to “include” datasets for which the metadata is entered, but for which the data is left in place and not copied. This will accommodate very large datasets that already are well and permanently maintained, for which preservation has already been done.


  • Will perform automated preservation processing using Archivematica through an option upon submission of items to the national repository RDM screen4 preservation request
  • Will perform preservation processing asynchronously;  preservation tasks will be queued on CC hardware
  • Will improve Archivematica’s processing performance on preservation tasks

Discovery Engine

  • Will employ a federated storage model. Institutions will be able to support data repositories or storage arrays within their institutions or regions that would become part of a national system. Data stored on institutional repositories will be discoverable through a national search interface and will be downloadable by researchers with appropriate access rights. RDM screen7 search results
  • Will provide discovery  through the new Globus Search Platform (GSP), running on AWS services in USA. The GSP interface will support faceted search capability
  • Will provide through GSP an interface to discover items in the repository and harvested from other repositories
  • Will provide a search API to other repositories and search engines