About the CARL and CC Partnership for a national RDM platform


Compute Canada (CC) and the Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL) have agreed to collaborate in building a scalable national platform for digital research data management (RDM) and discovery.

The explosion of data produced through ubiquitous digital instrumentation and more precise computational modelling enables researchers from all disciplines to ask new research questions and to solve problems in novel ways. These data cannot simply be accumulated and stored; they must be managed. Using RDM techniques, data can be ingested, curated, preserved, discovered, shared, and transported. Researchers need the technical tools, skills, and support to enable effective RDM. Consequently, RDM is important for researchers, institutions, libraries, and research funding organizations.

This partnership’s pan-Canadian platform will provide tools and services to support researchers across our country in a range of disciplines to have improved access and control of large amounts of data. This platform addresses a longstanding gap in Canada’s infrastructure for RDM.  While a few disciplines have introduced repositories in their research community, many researchers are without a service to support their data and, furthermore, the Canadian research community is left with no identifiable, managed collection of research data.

This RDM service is not intended to serve as a monolithic solution for all of Canada’s research data needs. Rather, it is meant to provide a framework that allows existing and future data repositories to be federated within a coherent system. At the same time, it will provide a flexible repository and preservation system for Canadian researchers and institutions who do not have a solution already in place.

The Portage Network of CARL will assist with the requirements for and design of a national platform service, providing metadata and data workflow solutions and testing the platform. Compute Canada will provide project management and software development expertise and necessary computational power.