Renewing Canada’s Advanced Research Computing Platform


Canada’s Federated Advanced Research Computing
Systems and Services

Compute Canada is leading one of the biggest advanced research computing renewals in Canada’s history. Over the course of 2015-2018, Compute Canada will use funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) to replace ageing systems with four new systems that will consolidate resources and centralize services.

Compute Canada Consolidation PlanDistributed Across Canada today

  • 27 data centres, 50 systems
  • 200,000 cores, 2 Pflops, 20 PB
  • 200 experts

Consolidation & Concentration by 2018

  • 5-10 data centres
  • 300,000 cores, 12 Pflops, 50+ PB
  • 200 experts

New National Systems
A national competition concluded with four new national sites chosen to host the new systems: 

Each site offers an expandable and modern data centre with highly qualified personnel. Operations of the new systems will be delivered through national teams, drawing talent from across Canada. For more details on each site’s new facilities, click here.

Migration of Users and Data
In the coming months, some Compute Canada users will begin to move from existing legacy systems to new national systems. Support resources, ranging from online documentation to hands-on assistance, are in place to ensure user data is transferred safely and securely. For more information about migrating to the new systems, click here.

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