Women in High Performance ComputingProfiles

One of the goals of Women in HPC is to improve the visibility of inspirational role models. Meet some of the leaders working within the high performance computing community today.

Sensory studies with important implications

Genomicist Tiffany Timbers readily admits she prefers to concentrate her studies on nematodes (roundworms) and other invertebrates. Simply put, she said she finds the complexity of the mammalian nervous system 

Literary history hound

As part of a series, the Canada Foundation for Innovation created five profiles on researchers who unlock the power of big data. By Sharon Oosthoek Susan Brown, University of Guelph 

Literary Criticism

Dr. Susan Brown enhances digital tools to harness the power of computers for critical literary and historical research.  


Dr. Stacey Wetmore explores the reactions between DNA and various harmful chemicals to understand how DNA is damaged. 

Oceanography research


Dr. Katja Fennel develops and applies realistic numerical models of the physical, chemical and biological changes occurring in coastal marine ecosystems