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More TECC Thanks
Thanks to Collaboration Working Group for great Vidyo support during TECC. Especially Scott Wilson, who staffed the Vidyo workstation.

Cloud has officially launched!
The Compute Canada Cloud team, with administrative support, has done great work to introduce our cloud activity to the public. We now have an online document describing Compute Canada’s cloud offerings. Find it here:

Our cloud is still primarily directed at users with a relatively high level of expertise. The forthcoming GP1 system to be deployed at the University of Victoria will add capacity, and we will also be working on increasingly user-friendly approaches to cloud-based services.

For those who missed the technical briefing at the TECC Summit, the cloud team will be doing an encore performance via Vidyo on March 7th at 1:00pm EST. The session is designed to provide you with the information necessary to help your users get uprunning. Please register and the sign-on details will be provided:

Cloud User Training is anticipated for March. Stay tuned for more details.

Keeping in touch
There is a new section on the main page of TECC Wiki that lists our communication methods and mechanisms:

I encourage all teams, working groups, committees, etc. to ensure their page is reachable from the front page of the Wiki. And, on your page, mention the email list used for your group and other details of how someone else would get more information about the group’s activities.

Research Support National Team is Seeking your Input
The Research support national team is seeking your input about tools for software installations. We are gathering questions and answers about the tools that were presented at the last TECC Summit in order to evaluate them thoroughly. Please contribute to this document by providing any question, or any answer you may have about those tools.

Renewals are coming!
Account renewals for all users (including site staff members!) will begin on March 1. Please help your users and collaborators to renew. Need help? Email the renewals help desk,

Change can be Difficult
My blog entries, and our discussions at TECC and elsewhere, have highlighted the organizational transformation within Compute Canada. The choice to consolidate our capital investments, and other choices over the past year+, have led to ongoing organizational change.

For those who enjoy learning about some of the organizational change practices we are trying to follow, here is a video, and a paper with similar topical coverage:

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