Research Showcase


Learn how Canadian researchers are contributing to  Canada’s global economic competitiveness by exploiting big data and big compute to make discoveries and transform them into products, services and processes that improve the lives of Canadians and help us to understand the world around us.

Advanced research computing is the most exciting transformation to the research and innovation sector since the dawn of computing.  Compute Canada systems and experts are helping researchers accelerate some amazing advances in  areas such as  advanced materials and manufacturing, the treatment of  disease, managing and maximizing the exploitation of natural resources, predicting weather events and understanding societal trends. Compute Canada  serves a continuously growing number of world-class Canadian researchers and their industrial, national and international partners, as well as every major science program and investment in Canada.


Molly Shoichet: Saving lives with material science

Molly Shoichet’s University of Toronto lab is working to identify drugs that will be more efficacious in treating cancer, promote functional repair in blindness through cell transplantation and decrease society’s 

compute Canada data

COVID-19: Opening Up the Data

Pierre-Olivier Quirion is the switchboard operator at the centre of a consortium working to track COVID-19 strains in Quebec. This Rube-Golberg-like operation starts when a sample is swabbed from inside 

Pivoting to pitch in on COVID-19 science

Spotlight On: Ian Lewis, Assistant Professor University of Calgary Department of Biological Sciences Ian Lewis has always worked to develop better ways to diagnose infectious diseases. His work always involves 

Designing New Molecules

Jason Masuda has something in common with the alchemists of old. But instead of trying to turn lead into gold, he’s building substances that have never been seen on Earth 

Silence, we’re flying!

When Professor Stéphane Moreau takes a plane, he’s not like the other passengers. On board, he becomes alert to all of the noises around him. It’s a natural reflex for 

An apple a day

  Though his background is in human genetics, Sean Myles studies the genetic composition of apples. So how did he come to be studying apples? The Associate Professor and Faculty 

High-powered computing superhero

“If there’s a need for computing power to do research, I can probably help.” Julie Faure-Lacroix, a bright-eyed young woman from Laval University, is talking about her job at Calcul 

Exploring the World of Nanoparticles

The world that Martin Mkandawire studies is very, very small, but his work could have a massive impact on human health and the treatment of diseases, including cancer. He’s also 

Literary history hound

As part of a series, the Canada Foundation for Innovation created five profiles on researchers who unlock the power of big data. By Sharon Oosthoek Susan Brown, University of Guelph 

Particle spotter

As part of a series, the Canada Foundation for Innovation created five profiles on researchers who unlock the power of big data. By Sharon Oosthoek Reda Tafirout, TRIUMF The holy 

Protein Sleuth

As part of a series, the Canada Foundation for Innovation created five profiles on researchers who unlock the power of big data. By Sharon Oosthoek Régis Pomès, SickKids Hospital Spying 

Biology research


Roland Santos Computer Systems Specialist for IT Operations and High Performance Computing BC Cancer Agency’s Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre (GSC) Expertise Roland is part of the team responsible for 

Impact Biomechanics

Dr. Duane Cronin builds virtual human body models that give insight into what happens in accidents, what types of injuries occur, and how to prevent them. 

Neuroinformatics Research Compute Canada Dr Stephen Stother


Dr. Stephen Strother sets up neuroinformatics frameworks to speed up the translation of imaging neuroscience for clinical studies of brain disorders  

Astrophysics research Compute Canada


Dr. Alexei Razoumov creates three-dimensional numerical models of galaxy formation, supernovae and other phenomena.  

Ross Dickson Computational Computing

Computational Consulting

Ross Dickson is here to help researchers do their work faster, more effectively and more efficiently. 

Literary Criticism

Dr. Susan Brown enhances digital tools to harness the power of computers for critical literary and historical research.  

Data Storage research Compute Canada

Data Storage

Dr. Whitehead and Dr. Plumer use advanced computing to find new ways to pack more data storage into smaller spaces. 


Dr. Stacey Wetmore explores the reactions between DNA and various harmful chemicals to understand how DNA is damaged. 

Josef ZWANIGER Optics research


Dr. Zwanziger’s laboratory is developing new glassy materials with far-sighted implications. 

Oceanography research


Dr. Katja Fennel develops and applies realistic numerical models of the physical, chemical and biological changes occurring in coastal marine ecosystems  

Dr. Nikolas Provatas - condensed matter physics

Condensed Matter Physics

Dr. Nikolas Provatas uses computer modelling and simulations to understand how to design better materials and products from the atomic scale up.  


Dr. Rockwell’s group develops tools that make it easier for scholars to identify patterns in texts of disciplines such as history, philosophy and literature.  

Aeronautics research


Dr. Fassi Kafyeke is finding ways to manufacture planes that are quieter, lighter and more fuel efficient.