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Using Compute Canada’s resources and technical expert help, you can easily convert the results of your numerical simulations or your experimental data into engaging images or movies to share with colleagues, to put online, or into a publication. Our technical staff have extensive experience in scientific visualization and visual data analysis, primarily using open-source tools such as ParaView, VisIt, VTK, Blender, VMD, and various Python libraries to work with a wide variety of data types. Large multi-dimensional datasets can be visualized directly on Compute Canada clusters without having to move them to your desktop. We can help you with all stages of visualization, from preparing data in the right format to interactive analysis. For more information, please contact us at
Compute Canada Visualization Working Group
Alex Razoumov, WestGrid (Lead)
Belaid Moa, UVic
Dmitri Rozmanov, U of Calgary
Doug Phillips, U of Calgary
Joey Bernard, UNB
Marcelo Ponce, U of Toronto
Maxime Boissonneault, Laval
Michael Hanlan, Queen’s
Oliver Stueker, Memorial U
Phil Romkey, SMU
Pier-Luc St-Onge, McGill
Tyson Whitehead, Western
Weiguang Guan, McMaster



Visualizations Wanted: Enter the Visualize This! Challenge

Are you up for the challenge? Here’s your chance to flex your creative muscles, experiment with new viz tools and win great prizes!

What we have… An interesting and unique dataset

What we want… Your innovative visualization solutions to enable better observation, understanding, and insight from the data.

Visualize This! is your chance to challenge your creativity, experiment with new visualization tools, and contribute to the growth of data visualization in Canada!

Now in its second year, this Canada-wide competition aims to celebrate the innovative ways visualization can help researchers explore datasets and answer important scientific questions. The Compute Canada Visualization Team wants to bring your creative visualization ideas and workflows to life and make them accessible to all Canadian researchers on our website. This year’s Visualize This! challenge is brought to you by WestGrid, a regional partner of Compute Canada.

How to Participate

  • Register to join the challenge!
  • Visit the Visualize This! webpage for more details!
  • Join our kickoff Visualize This! Tips & Tricks Workshop on Sept 27
  • Submit your entry by November 30 midnight (Pacific Time).


These are just a few of the prizes we have up for grabs:

  • 43 Ultra HD 4K Multi Client Monitor (Generously donated by Dell EMC)
  • High-capacity SSD drives
  • FREE registration and subsidized travel to a WestGrid 2018 Research Computing Summer School
  • Your visualization showcased on the Compute Canada and WestGrid websites
  • Opportunity to present to the research community at an upcoming Compute Canada/WestGrid event



In the fall of 2016 Compute Canada launched an exciting visualization competition to raise awareness of the essential role visualization can play in helping researchers explore large datasets to answer important scientific questions. A video of the winning submission from Allan Rocha, Usman Alim and Julio Daniel Silva (University of Calgary) is shown below.