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The Compute Canada Globus Portal is a fast, reliable, and secure service for big data transfer and sharing that facilitates your work by connecting computing resources and making big data portable.

Globus enables you to share and transfer terabytes of data between two locations in just a few clicks.

Globus makes your life easier by handling the complex and time-consuming steps of data movement. Benefits for users include maximizing bandwidth usage, managing security configurations, providing automatic fault recovery, and notifying you of completion or problems, allowing you to focus on your research.

Researchers with a Compute Canada account will now be able to move a single file, or millions of files, with the click of a button!

The portal has an easy-to-use interface that automates the management of file transfers between any resources, whether they are at a supercomputing facility, a campus cluster, a lab server, or on a laptop.

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Benefits of Globus

Globus for researchers:

Globus gives researchers everywhere access to a fast, powerful data-management service that is easy to use. Simply initiate a transfer request and walk away — no need to monitor the transfer or worry about coming back to a failed request.

Move & sync:

Globus enables you to move and synchronize your data using just a web browser. It takes care of time-consuming, error-prone IT tasks so you can focus on your research. Globus makes it easy to get your data to where you need it with just a few clicks.


Your research generates a lot of data. Globus helps you easily move data between your laptop, lab server, campus computer cluster and supercomputing facility quickly, securely and reliably. Compute Canada has arranged to make sharing available to any Compute Canada registered user.

The benefits:

Where possible, Globus automatically manages file transfers, monitors performance, retries failures, performs auto-tuning, handles recovery from faults, and reports status. There is no custom infrastructure or software to install, so you don’t have to be an IT wizard to use Globus.

Get your work done faster:

Transfer files fast — you can move terabytes of data in hours.
“Fire and forget” — let Globus monitor and fix any transfer issues.

Enjoy flexibility:

Move any file to any location, whether you’re at an HPC facility or in a coffee shop.
Add your laptop to the Globus cloud with Globus Connect Personal.

Automate the mundane:

Focus on your research, instead of worrying about mundane data-management tasks.
No need to bother your IT administrators – Globus will keep you informed and only alert you when needed.

Expand research and collaboration:

Share big data easily and collaborate with other researchers.
Accelerate your research workflows so you can cover more ground, faster.

Information and technical support

If you would like more information on Compute Canada’s use of Globus, or require support in using this service, please send an email to