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The Compute Canada cloud service responds to researchers who have a need for greater configurability, availability, durability or portability than may be available on non-cloud systems or clusters.

By using virtual machines (VMs) you configure through your cloud account, you can customize the computing environment to meet your unique needs. Carry out both data and computationally intensive work easily. Use the Compute Canada cloud to build portals and platforms, or to handle data that you’re scraping from the web. Then share your work with your other devices, your team or other collaborators.

Who should use the cloud service?

  • Researchers who need long running jobs or services, rather than batch processing.
  • Researchers requiring a web portal.
  • Researchers who need a VM, need to control their own operating system, and want the ability to customize software stacks.
  • Researchers who need to build specialized virtual clusters for big data.

Users of the cloud service should ideally have at least an intermediate technical knowledge in systems management. Compute Canada can also provide support through its national and regional support staff.

Compute Canada’s cloud service uses OpenStack, an open source, proven and commonly used operating platform. Over 7000 cores are available with almost 78,000GBs of RAM. As with all Compute Canada’s services, help is available quickly and easily by emailing

Using the Compute Canada cloud service also ensures that your data remains in Canada within a managed, secure environment.

Get a Cloud Account

To use Compute Canada’s cloud service, you first need a Compute Canada account

To create your cloud account, click the Create a New Cloud Account link below and complete the form. It will take a day or two for your account and project to become active.

Once your account and project are set up, login to either the east or west cloud (see links below),  depending on which cloud your project was created, and enter your Compute Canada credentials. If you have access to one cloud but not the other, please send an email to to ensure this configuration is done.

After you have successfully logged in, you are presented with the dashboard. From here you can see an overview of the resources you are using. When your project is created, most of the configuration is done at the same time.

Create a cloud account


 Queries, difficulties, as well as your feedback may be directed to

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Download the Compute Canada Cloud Slide Deck.

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