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The overarching objective of the CFI’s 2015 Cyberinfrastructure Initiative is to enhance the capacity of Canadian institutions and researchers to conduct leading-edge research in areas of demonstrated strength by supporting the infrastructure needs of computationally – and data-intensive research.

Challenge 1: Research data infrastructure project proposals

Proposals submitted under Challenge 1, will generally rely on Advanced Research Computing (ARC) infrastructure provided by Compute Canada. This infrastructure may already exist as part of the Compute Canada platform or may need to be built using funds awarded under Challenge 2. Challenge 1 project leaders and Compute Canada need to work closely together to ensure that the ARC infrastructure necessary to achieve the Challenge 1 science goals is deployed. Project leaders and institutions can consult with Compute Canada at any time via

Expressions of interest

The expression of interests (EOI) must be submitted by the institution that will act as the administrative lead for the project. Institutions are not required to consult Compute Canada at this stage.

CFI will publish the EOI information on their website. Compute Canada is available to convene discussions between different EOI proponents in an attempt to foster national consortia with unified proposals by NOI stage.

Notices of intent

Institutions intending to submit research data infrastructure project proposals will be required to submit a Notice of intent (NOI). Institutions are encouraged to consult with Compute Canada before submitting an NOI, but it is not a requirement.

Institutions consulting with Compute Canada should do so via Normally, this consultation will start via an email exchange to provide Compute Canada with basic information needed to begin the discussion (eg. sharing any existing EOI or draft NOI). This may then be followed by meetings in person or via teleconference.

Review of full proposals

The full proposals should clearly articulate the merits and excellence of the proposed project and provide sufficient information to enable reviewers to evaluate the proposal. Institutions must consult with Compute Canada before submitting their full proposals.

Compute Canada will work closely with the proponents to design the ARC infrastructure needed to fulfil the project science goals in the most cost-efficient way. Each proposal will require a letter from Compute Canada detailing the consultation process and the recommended technical solution. Compute Canada will provide CFI with costing information both for any required capital component (ie.. under Challenge 2) and for ongoing operations under the Compute Canada MSI award.    

Challenge 2: Proposals Received from Compute Canada

In each stage of Challenge 2, Compute Canada will be invited to submit a proposal to CFI for shared cyberinfrastructure. At any time, researchers and institutions are invited to submit comments on the Compute Canada Challenge 2 proposal via