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Advanced Research Computing (ARC) is now an essential component of research infrastructure for all nations and usage is growing rapidly. We have seen our user-base more than double in the last 5 years and are seeing demand greatly outstrip what we can currently provide. Collectively, we all have a role to ensure advanced research computing resources keep pace with the needs of Canadian researchers and their international and industrial partners.

How can you help?

  1. Let decision makers in your institution know that advanced research computing is essential to your research.
  2. Ensure your President and VPR are aware of how digitally intensive research is transformative and that it requires sustainable predictable funding models.
  3. Mention the resources you use in your publications and presentations.
  4. Write your local MP and share news of your research and how you use advanced research computing.
  5. Work with your communications department on success stories highlighting the advances in digitally intensive research.
  6. Participate in Compute Canada’s Sustainable Planning for Advanced Research Computing.