Research PortalTop Things You Need to Know About RPP


What is it?

The Research Platforms and Portals (RPP) Competition was created in 2014 to enable communities of researchers to develop and benefit from projects that improve access to shared datasets, enhance existing online research tools / facilities, or advance national or international research collaborations.

How is it different from the Resource Allocation Competition (RAC)?

The RPP competition is targeted specifically at applications that create new or support existing research platforms or portals. Allocations in the RPP competition may be awarded over multiple years (maximum of three years). Multi-year allocations are subject to an annual review prior to the start of subsequent years and to the availability of resources. The Resource Allocation Competition (RAC), on the other hand, is targeted at individuals and small groups requesting access to Compute Canada resources and RAC allocations are granted on a one-year basis.

Who should apply?

Groups are encouraged to apply if their project falls within any of the following categories:

  • Resources requested on behalf of a large community of users that will be reallocated to individuals and small groups following the award.
  • Applications that provide a public platform that will make use of Compute Canada computing or storage.
  • Groups engaging in international agreements to provide multi-year computing or storage solutions based in Canada.
  • Recipients of the Major Science Initiative from the Canada Foundation for Innovation.
  • Groups that are providing shared data sets accessible using a third party (non-Compute Canada) interface.

What kind of compute and storage resources are available?

Any of the Compute Canada systems are available to RPP applicants. This includes large compute systems (serial or parallel), accelerator systems (e.g., GPUs), disk and tape storage. A full list of resources is available on the CC website (see computing and storage pages). If you have any questions about available resources, please send your question to

There is no limit to what an individual proposal can apply for, except the physical limitations of the systems. However, it is a competitive process, and most projects will not receive everything they request.

How can you apply?

There are two stages for applying to this competition.

  1. Stage 1 – Letter of Intent
    The Letter of Intent (LOI) should present an overview of the platform / portal being created or supported, the project’s scope and scale, and the rationale for applying to the RPP Competition. More comprehensive instructions of what to include and how to complete the LOI are included in the RPP Competition Guide. The LOI stage is not competitive. Applications are only evaluated against the eligibility criteria to ensure alignment with the RPP competition rules and to ensure that Compute Canada can prepare for the number of expected RPP applications.
  2. Stage 2 – Full Application
    The Full Application stage includes greater detail about the requested resources, availability of the resources to the platform or portal, operation and management of the platform, and expected impacts and opportunities resulting from the resource allocation. More comprehensive instructions of what to include and how to complete the Full Application are included in the RPP Competition Guide.

All LOIs and Full Applications must be submitted via the Compute Canada DataBase (CCDB).

Key Dates and Important Deadlines:

  • RPP Competition Stage 1 launched – June 08, 2015
  • All LOI submissions due – August 13, 2015
  • RPP Stage 2 launched – September 1, 2015
  • All RPP Full Applications due – October 08, 2015

Reporting Requirements

RPP awards can be made for up to three years. However, successful applicants will be asked for an annual progress report. This report documents that the platform or portal is in-use by a research community.

Need more information?

If you have additional questions or are unsure about your eligibility for this competition, please refer to the RPP Competition Guide or email