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Compute Canada is overseeing one of the biggest renewals of advanced research computing resources in Canada’s history. With funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) and provincial partners, Compute Canada will replace most of its legacy systems with new national systems that will consolidate resources and centralize services.

Please review the information below for further details on this migration process. Compute Canada and its distributed team of support personnel through ACENET, Calcul Québec, Compute Ontario and WestGrid can provide assistance to users if needed and a documentation wiki has been created that contains step-by-step instructions for preparing and moving files.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Migration process, please contact us anytime at


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Who Should Migrate to the New Systems

Users that will be required to move their data from legacy systems to the new systems will receive a specific communication from the region or consortia responsible. This communication will provide the timelines and required actions for you to ensure your data is transferred safely and securely.

Users may also migrate voluntarily simply because they would like to use one of the new systems rather than their current system(s). Descriptions of the new systems can be found here. If this applies to you, please refer to our General Directives for Migration page on the Compute Canada Documentation Wiki and if you require assistance, please contact or your local support team.

Compute Canada’s Documentation Wiki’s ‘How-to Guides’ have instructions on how to use the new systems, however specific instructions will be emailed to you.

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Instructions for Current Compute Canada Users

  1. You will be notified by your system’s support team if and when you need to migrate.
    Not all Compute Canada users need to migrate. The support team responsible for the system(s) you are using will be in touch with you to provide further information about whether you need to migrate or if you can continue to use your current system(s).
  2. Once you are notified of the need to migrate, please prepare your files.
    Prior to migrating your data onto the new systems, please refer to the Compute Canada Documentation Wiki for specific instructions on how to prepare and move your files. Our support staff have created detailed documentation on how to:
    • clean up files and directories
    • archive and compress files and directories
    • transfer files
    • verify and synchronize files following the transfer

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System Support & Contacts

If and when migration is required for the system(s) you are currently using, the regional consortia (ACENET, Calcul Québec, CAC, SciNet, SHARCNET, WestGrid) will communicate instructions as to how, when, and where to move your data. Someone from the regional consortia technical team will be in contact with you at least 30 days in advance of any action required.

For regional support requests, please contact:

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Frequently Asked Questions

If I have to migrate, when will I need to move my data?

Specific dates will vary by system. The system support teams will be in contact to ensure you receive ample advance notice of any action you must take. Please ensure the contact information we have for you is up to date. You can confirm or update your details by logging into the Compute Canada DataBase (CCDB), clicking on My Account, and clicking “Change Contact Information”. 

What should I do right now?

Take some time to clean up your files and directories and delete any unneeded files. Moving less data will take less time.

How will I move my files off a legacy system and onto a new system?

We recommend using Compute Canada’s Globus service to move your files. Please refer to the Compute Canada Documentation Wiki Transferring Files page for more documentation and instructions. Note: You must wait for instructions to be sent to you from your system’s support team prior to migrating any data to the new Compute Canada systems.

Who can I contact if I have questions?

If you cannot find an answer to your question in the Compute Canada Documentation Wiki, you can contact or the support teams listed in the System Support & Contacts section of this page.

For more FAQs, please refer to the Compute Canada Documentation Wiki.

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