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Compute Canada delivers world-class advanced research computing infrastructure and support to Canadian researchers and innovators. Powered by a nationally coordinated network of hardware and software resources, Compute Canada provides a broad spectrum of advanced computing services in support of research, including technical support, training, application and development.

Powered By Experts

One of our most valuable resources is our highly qualified staff. More than 150 personnel run the national platform of resources and support thousands of users across the country. Our talented team team of programmers, analysts, and computational science specialists support an extensive range of research computing needs on a case-by-case basis, including (but not limited to):

  • large scale computation
  • large memory machines
  • accelerated systems (GPUs)
  • scientific gateways, portals, etc.
  • cloud services
  • high-throughput storage and compute systems
  • long-term storage

If you have any questions at any time regarding Compute Canada’s available resources, please contact us.

Migration of Users & Data to the New National Systems

In the coming months, some Compute Canada users will begin to move their data from existing legacy systems to new national systems. Support resources, ranging from online documentation to hands-on assistance, are in place to ensure user data is transferred safely and securely. For more information about migrating to the new systems, click here.

Allocatable systems for 2018

Region System Resource type Resource name (as shown on CCDB) Storage type(s) (as shown on CCDB) Backup storage?
Calcul Québec Briarée Compute & Storage briarée Project, Scratch No
GP4* Storage ndc-gp4 Project, Nearline TBD
Helios GPU helios N/A No
Mammouth Parallel 2 Compute & Storage mp2 Project, Scratch Yes
Storage mammouth-archive Nearline No
Compute Ontario Frontenac Compute & Storage frontenac-cac Project No
Graham Compute graham-compute Scratch No
GPU graham-gpu N/A No
Storage ndc-waterloo Project, Nearline Yes
HPSS Storage hpss Nearline No
Niagara Compute niagara-cpu Scratch No
Storage ndc-toronto Project Yes
WestGrid Cedar Compute cedar-compute N/A No
GPU cedar-gpu N/A No
Storage ndc-sfu Project, Nearline Yes
Compute Canada Cloud Resources Cloud Compute Cloud Cloud storage No
Cloud Persistent Cloud Cloud storage No

* For this competition round, Compute Canada will only accept requests on this resource from users that currently have an allocation on Guillimin
Note: Scratch storage is not allocatable. However, providing information in your RAC application about how much Scratch you expect to need is of great help for Compute Canada for planning and reporting purposes.

For more details on the Compute Canada Cloud, or to register for an account, click here.