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Acknowledging Compute Canada and our regional partner organizations
Researchers are requested to acknowledge Compute Canada and our regional partner organizations (ACENET, Calcul Québec, Compute Ontario and WestGrid) when publications or reports are published on research that used resources provided by either organization. Examples include the use, either in whole or in part, of:

  • computing, visualization or storage hardware
  • software
  • collaboration facilities
  • staff expertise / consultation

The exact wording of the acknowledgment may vary, but please ensure both our regional partners and Compute Canada are mentioned. The following can be used as a guideline:

“This research was enabled in part by support provided by (name of the regional partner organization) (Web address) and Compute Canada (”

Notification of Acknowledgment
We would appreciate being sent references of these acknowledgements, as they are valuable to include in our annual impact reports to the Canada Foundation for Innovation. Our ability to showcase the successful use of our resources builds an important case for long-term and sustainable funding of Compute Canada and our regional partners operations.

We are also interested in helping showcase your success stories – either in the Research Showcase section of our website or in our community newsletter – and we can collaborate on media releases. Please contact us if you have news to share about research that uses Compute Canada or our regional partner organizations resources.