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Compute Canada is dedicated to providing an Advanced Research Computing system that meets the needs of the user community. Through the engagement of users through the Resource Allocation Competitions (RAC) and the Rapid Access Service, we want to ensure that the future of Compute Canada continues to meet those needs.

Supporting Research at All Scales
In addition to its existing support for large-scale research projects, Compute Canada’s research computing assets are also capable of sustaining robust research for mid- and smaller-scale data intensive projects, in any discipline.

Many of our resources use batch scheduling systems with dynamic algorithms in place to support “fair-share” access to allocated resources. We also support a large number of open source and commercial software packages. For users with special or above-average needs, we offer other service models, such as our Resource Competitions, on a case-by-case basis. Our staff are always willing to meet with researchers to discuss the best ways to accommodate their research needs.

Please note, to access any of our resources, you must first obtain an account.

Resource Allocation Competitions (RAC)
Applications submitted to the Resources for Research Groups (RRG) Competition and Research Platforms and Portals (RPP) Competition are evaluated for both technical feasibility and scientific excellence. The application process provides direct benefits to successful applicants. Recipients of the resources have priority access for use of their allocations. For more information about these annual competitions, please visit our Resource Allocation Competitions page.

Rapid Access Service (RAS)
Any Compute Canada user can access modest quantities of compute, storage and cloud resources as soon as they have their account. The Rapid Access Service allows users to experiment and to start working right away. Many research groups can meet their needs through using only the Rapid Access Service. Users requiring larger resource quantities can apply to one of our annual Resource Allocation Competitions (RAC). For more information, please visit our Rapid Access Service page.

Any individual who is eligible to apply to national granting councils for funding is eligible to apply for an allocation. Typically, this means that regular faculty are eligible to apply while postdoctoral fellows and graduate students are not. Individuals who have adjunct status may apply for an allocation if the project for which the allocation is requested is eligible for funding from CFI or the granting councils. A lead PI cannot submit more than one individual application, but can be a participant in other submissions. A lead PI may simultaneously hold an individual allocation in the Resources for Research Groups (RRG) Competition and an allocation in the Research Platforms and Portals (RPP) Competition.

Out-of-Round Request
In some cases, the schedule for a project does not fit into the schedule for our annual fall competition. In that case, users can submit an “Out-of-Round” application at any time. Typically, we would accept an out-of-round application in the following two cases:

  1. you are a new faculty member and it was unreasonable to expect you to apply in the fall of 2017; OR
  2. you have a special opportunity to make a significant scientific breakthrough that you could not have anticipated in the previous fall during RAC submission time.

Compute Canada staff will review the requirements and if the application qualifies, you will be granted special permission to complete the Out-of-Round Allocation Form through a link administered through the CCDB. Following submission, the resource requirements and justification will undergo a scientific and technical review process and the user will be notified of  next steps. For more information, or to request an Out-of-Round RAC Application, please contact