Annual Report

Annual Report (2020-2021)

Annual Report (2019-2020)

Annual Report  (2018-2019)

Annual Report  (2017-2018)

Annual Report  (2015-2016)

Annual Report (2014-2015)

Advanced Research Computing in Canada

Compute Canada By the Numbers (November 2017)

Compute Canada Technology Briefing (November 2017)

Graham, the new supercomputer at Waterloo (May 2017)

Arbutus, Canada’s newest cloud resource (May 2017)

Resource Allocation Results 2017 (April 2017)

Fast Facts about #supercomputerCedar (April 2017)

Top Ten Things Institutions Need to Know about Canada’s ARC Provider (March 2017)

Top Eight Things Researchers Need to Know about Compute Canada (March 2017)

Compute Canada Status Report – The Future of ARC in Canada (January 2017)

Cloud Strategy 2016-2018 (December 2016)

Compute Canada Report: Increasing Canadian Research Impact (June 2016)

International Advisory Council Statement (March 2016)

What is ARC? (July 2015)

Compute Canada- Technology briefing (November 2016)

Advanced Research Computing in Canada: An Overview (February 2015)

Strategic Planning

 Compute Canada Budget Submission (2018)

Compute Canada Budget Submission  (2017)

Compute Canada’s Response to Canada’s Fundamental Science Review  (2016)

Compute Canada’s Response to the Federal Innovation Consultations  (2016)

Digital Research Canada – Brief (February 2016)

Compute Canada Strategic Plan (February 2015)

Sustainable Planning for Advanced Research Computing (SPARC) Phase I (February 2015)

Infrastructure Plan Summary For Researchers (February 2015)

A Vision for Research Excellence in Canada: Compute Canada’s Submission to the Digital Research Infrastructure Strategy Consultations (February 2015)

Compute Canada Pre-Budget Submission  (2015)

Mid Term Reviews and Performance Reports

Major Science Initiative (MSI) Annual Progress Report (2018-2019)

Full Report (June 2019)

Canada Foundation of Innovation (CFI) Major Science Initiative 2017-2022 | Proposal

Cyberinfrastructure Initiative Challenge 2

Major Science Initiative (MSI) Mid-Term Performance Report (2015)

Cyberinfrastructure Challenge 2 and MSI Sustainability Proposal (2015)

Major Science Initiative (MSI) Annual Progress Report (2013)

CFI Compute Canada Mid Term Review Submission (2010)

Other Publications

Sponsorship Policy (April 2016)


Capitalizing on Big Data: Toward a Policy Framework for Advancing Digital Scholarship in Canada (December 2013)

To Compete You Must Compute (2010)

Update to the Long Range Plan (2007)

Compute Canada National Platforms Fund Proposal (2007)

High Performance Computing Long Range Plan (2005)