Sustainable Planning for Advanced Research Computing Phase II Update


The initial phase of consultation to gather feedback from researchers on community needs from 2017-2022 is coming to a close. Comments gathered through white paper submissions, survey responses, and in-person and online consultations will be used to inform capital planning (technology choices), service offerings and the setting of operational priorities.

White paper submissions provide extremely useful input to Compute Canada’s SPARC planning process. In order to encourage the creation of community or disciplinary white papers; You can view a list of submitted white papers online. Where the submissions are public, you may view the details in the link provided.

Quick Facts:

  • 16 white papers received so far
  • More than 300 people in attendance at 19 consultations
  • 175+ responses on SPARC2 Survey

Please note that the survey is still open and we are still accepting white papers. You can always contact Compute Canada about the SPARC process at

SPARC Survey

Compute Canada is still seeking input from its user community to help shape how research computing is provided to Canadian researchers for the next five years. Answers to this survey will be used by Compute Canada to develop strategies to improve and extend the services it offers and to satisfy the needs of future users.

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