Spotlight: Preparing Our People for Innovation


As part of the annual report, Compute Canada has highlighted some of its users and their projects.

5-13_high_schoolHelping high school students become skilled in computational thinking, programming habits and high performance computing is the focus of Compute Ontario’s SciNet Cluster high school outreach program. Analysts at SciNet, led by Dr. Daniel Gruner, have been teaching advanced research computing courses to select high school students for the past four years.

Students learn to create their own computer clusters, then learn to program these clusters and apply advanced data processing and analytics. These students are learning research computing at a level that competes with the majority of graduate students.

The newest initiative, “Teach the Teachers,” is currently at six schools in the Toronto area. Launched in 2014, this initiative will expand reach and provide training for many more students, The SciNet team work with teachers on ways to foster computational thinking, and bring modern research methods using computers to model, analyze, and process data into the classroom.

The first “Big Data Challenge” for high school students launched in February of 2015. The SciNet team members provided expert support to the competing teams, hosted the finalists’ presentations and judged the competition with practitioners from academia and industry.

One of the teams received a $1,000 STEM fellowship award, an organization that supports engaging high school students with experienced academics.

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