Spotlight: Globus


As part of the annual report, Compute Canada has highlighted some of its users and their projects.

Globus Portal logoLaunched in 2014, the Compute Canada Globus Portal is a fast, reliable, and secure service for big data transfer and facilitates work by connecting computing resources and making big data portable. Research generates a lot of data; Compute Canada’s Globus service helps researcher easily move data between laptop, lab server, campus computer cluster and supercomputing facilities quickly, securely and reliably.

Since launching this national service last year, more than 1,300 TB of data has been shared to more than 296 researchers.

Charles MartineauI can’t live without Globus. The files that I process are huge and I move them often between Silo, Jasper, and Breezy. I also find Globus way faster and also more reliable than any other services. For someone who does big data analysis, it is a huge plus to have Globus.

  • Charles Martineau, Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia — Research Area: Empirical Asset Pricing, Microstructure and Multifractals

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