Spotlight: Fusion Genomics

Dr. Poul Sorensen


As part of the annual report, Compute Canada has highlighted some of its users and their projects.

Fusion GenomicsFusion Genomics is a Canadian company that was able to transform its discovery research into a commercial interest. With access to powerful computing resources supported by Compute Canada and WestGrid, a Simon Fraser University-based research lab gained access to commercialize products that are available in the marketplace today.

Fusion Genomics has a number of different research assets for use in cancer and infectious diseases. Its line of innovative, highly sensitive and accurate assets are designed around its Quantum Probe™ technology and can be rapidly developed and configured for a number of applications.

A team led by Dr. Poul Sorensen, Senior Scientist at the BC Cancer Agency and Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the University of British Columbia developed the first product: ChildSeqRNA. This is the first diagnostic tool to employ next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology to produce highly sensitive results (at the DNA level) in a fraction the time. Childhood sarcomas are aggressive cancers that affect the bones and soft tissues of children and adolescents.

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