Partnership advances research in synchrotron science to address greatest challenges in health, the environment and beyond


Photo: Canadian Light Source experimental facility from above.

Canadian Light Source (CLS), Compute Canada and the University of Saskatchewan (UofS) have signed a new MOU that aims to expand the synchrotron data experience for researchers through enhancements in the transfer, storage and computation of data. This collaboration will strengthen existing capacity, develop new programs and techniques, and advance research in synchrotron science and its applications by:

  • Improving the speed and user-friendliness of research data transfer
  • Upgrading capacity for research data storage and analysis
  • Enhancing research data management capabilities
  • Refining CLS user access and interoperability with Compute Canada and UofS IT resources

“Researchers from Canadian Light Source have used our platform for many years and we’re pleased to now formally partner with CLS on this initiative,” Dugan O’Neil, Chief Science Officer of Compute Canada. “This agreement reflects our shared vision of ensuring Canadian researchers have access to the tools they need to address some of our greatest challenges in the areas of health, the environment and beyond.”

“Canadian Light Source makes research advances possible from decreasing rates of breast cancer to building a better vaccine to reducing harmful environmental pollutants. A greater synchrotron data experience for our users means bigger, better, faster results,” says Dr. Rob Lamb, Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Light Source.

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