Meet the researchers who depend on ARC


Photo: Nobel Laureate Dr. Arthur McDonald

Meet the #Tuques4compute Researchers

These researchers depend on advanced research computing (ARC) to achieve bigger, better, and faster results.

Art McDonald - Tuques for Compute
Dr. Arthur B. McDonald
Winner of the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics
Professor (Emeritus), Department of Physics
Life & Physical Sciences, Science
Queen’s University

Tuques for compute - MeghanDr. Megan Meredith-Lobay
Scientific Analyst, Digital Humanities and Social Sciences
Advanced Research Computing, Vice President Research
The University of British Columbia


TuquesForCompute JosefDr. Josef Zwanziger 
Professor, Canada Research Chair in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies of Materials
Dalhousie University

Dr. Tsanka Todorova
                                                           Research Associate at Dalhousie University

Tuques For Compute RobDr. Rob Thacker
Canada Research Chair (Tier II) in the department of Astronomy and Physics
Saint-Mary University

Tuques For Compute - JAson PearsonDr. Jason Pearson

Associate Professor
University of Prince Edward Island

Tuques for Compute TimotheDr. Timothée Poisot

Assistant Professor
University of Montreal

Tuques For compute IanDr. Ian Milligan

Assistant Professor
University of Waterloo

Tuques for Compute CarlosCarlos Zetina

PhD Candidate in Industrial Engineering
Concordia University

Tuques GeoffreyDr. Geoffrey Rockwell

University of Alberta

Tuques - AlexDr. Alex Brown

Professor and Associate Chair (Undergraduate)
University of Alberta

Tuques Dave RiskDr. Dave Risk
Chair, Department of Earth Sciences
St. FX University

Tuques SHARNETDr. Sidney Segalowitz

Brock University
James Desjardins
Software Carpentry Admin

Tuques 4 compute Thomas MDr. Thomas Merritt

Canada Research Chair in Genomics and Bioinformatics
Laurentian University

TUQUES CherylDr. Cheryl Keller Capone

Research Associate

Tuques JoshuaDr. Joshua Hollett

University of Winnipeg

Tuques LeandroDr. Leandro Coelho

Canada Research Chair in Integrated Logistics
Laval University

Tuques 4 Compute - Katja FennelDr. Katja Fennel

Canada Research Chair II
Dalhousie University


Tuques4 compute - Robert WolkowDr. Robert Wolkow

Univeristy of Alberta

Tuques for compute Mike BowlingNeil Burch                         Dr. Michael Johanson
Ph.D student                                  Research Scientist   
University of Alberta                    Cogitai, Inc.
Dr. Michael Bowling
Associate Professor
University of Alberta

Compute Canada Team Supports #Tuques4compute and our Research Community


Mark Dietrich

President and Chief Executive Officer
Compute Canada




Dr. Dugan O’Neil

Chief Science Officer
Compute Canada


Tuquesforcompute_JonathanDr. Jonathan Ferland

Director of Information Security
Compute Canada


TuquesForCompute TerryTerry Lockhart

Director of Finance
Compute Canada


Tuques For Compute JohnDr. John Simpson

Humanities and Social Sciences Specialist
Compute Canada



TuquesForCompute JF

Jean-Roberth Souza

Science Project Coordinator
Compute Canada


Tuques For Compute -Eduardo

Eduardo Fuenmayor

Science Project Manager
Compute Canada

Tuques for Compute CedricCedric Nelson

Senior DevOps
Compute Canada

Tuques for compute - ErmingDr. Erming Pei

National Cloud  Team Member
Compute Canada

Tuques For compute

Dr. Maxime Boissoneault 

Research Support National Team
Compute Canada


Tuques for Compute GregDr. Gregory Newby

Chief Technology Officer
Compute Canada

Tuques DavidDr. David Morais

Co-Team Lead – Bioinformatics National Team
Compute Canada

Tuques for Compute Karl VollmerKarl Vollmer

HPC Systems Administrator

Tuques for compute PatrickPatrick Mann

Director of Operations

Tuques for Compute - John Morton SelfieJohn Morton

Technical Manager

Tuques FAFFélix-Antoine Fortin

Advanced Computing Analyst
Calcul Québec

Tuques SillLindsay Sill

Executive Director

Tuques JAmieJamie Rosner

National Bioinformatics Team Co-Lead
Compute Canada

Tuques For Compute - BuntDr. Rick Bunt

Member, Compute Canada Board of Directors

Professor Emeritus
University of Saskatchewan

Tuques JAnaJana Makar



Meet the Community Supporters of #Tuques4compute and ARC

Tuques For Compute Mark RomanMark Roman

Chief Information Officer
Simon Fraser University


Tuques for Compute Nobert HNorbert Haunerland

Associate Vice President of Research
Simon Fraser University

Tuques For compute -ChuckChuck Humphrey

Director, Portage Network
Canadian Association of Research Libraries

Senior Research Specialist

Tuques Data VortexData Vortex Team

Tuques EosenseEoSense Team

Tuques Dr. Laleh AlisaraieDr. Laleh Alisaraie

Assistant Professor
Cross-appointment to the Faculty of Science (Department of Chemistry)
Memorial University

Tuques Joanne PAttersonJoanne Patterson

Head, Metadata Access
Western University
Tuques LauraLaura Gerlitz
MLIS and MA in Humanities Computing Candidate
University of Alberta
Tuques 4 Compute SharonDr. Sharon Broude Geva
Director of Advanced Research Computing
University of Michigan

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