EGI joins forces with Compute Canada to create global environments for shared e-infrastructure


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The EGI Foundation and Compute Canada have signed an agreement to enhance collaborations within the international research communities. The joint work plan will define a model to federate computing resources from the EGI Federated Cloud and from CANFAR – a computing infrastructure that provides astronomers with easy access to very large resources for both storage and processing, using a cloud based framework.

“Partnerships like these ensure Canadian researchers remain active members in the research international community and ‘big science’ initiatives globally,” says Dr. Dugan O’Neil, Chief Science Officer at Compute Canada.

Dr. Giuliano Taffoni, Principal Investigator at the Italian National Institute for Astrophysics and active member of the EGI Astronomy and Astrophysics research community says: “This collaboration will offer an innovative infrastructure that ties data to computing resources giving us the possibility to move computation closer to data.”

He adds: “In practice, this will allow the Canadian Astronomy Data Centre and INAF to mirror part of their Astronomical Archive, providing new services to Canadian and European Astronomers and enhancing our capability of making new science.”

The EGI-Compute Canada agreement reflects the common goal of providing sustainable computing services to international research collaborations.

Dr. Tiziana Ferrari, Technical Director of the EGI Foundation says: “After many years of working together with Canada to support the High Energy Physics community, I am really pleased to see our collaboration expanding to include human brain research, astronomy and many other fields.”

Compute Canada, in partnership with regional organisations, leads the development and deployment of advanced research computing systems, storage and software solutions. Spread across 34 universities and research institutions, the Compute Canada team provides direct support to researchers, enabling research and innovation to more than 70 institutions.

“In order to continue to serve the needs of ‘big science’ in Canada, we must pursue partnerships that will create compelling research environments by ensuring the interoperability of digital research  infrastructures globally. We are creating pathways to address the most complex and interesting scientific challenges of the day,” says Mark Dietrich, President and CEO, Compute Canada.

EGI (is a federation of over 350 resource centres and coordinated by the EGI Foundation on behalf of its participants. EGI has a mission to create and deliver open solutions for science and research infrastructures by federating digital capabilities, resources and expertise between communities and across national boundaries.

EGI and Compute Canada will explore other opportunities to address other innovative approaches to advance research computing resources to further support international collaborations for world-class science.

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