Compute Canada shares innovative Canadian solutions with record-breaking international audience at SC16


Compute Canada showcased innovative Canadian advanced research computing (ARC) solutions to a record-breaking international audience of over 11,100 attendees at the ACM/IEEE 2016 Supercomputing Conference (SC16)  from November 13 to 18 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

SC is the largest international conference for high performance computing, networking, storage and analysis. SC16 featured a technical program spanning six days, and an exhibit hall with 349 exhibitors from industry, academia and research organizations from 26 countries.

Compute Canada’s booth at SC16 highlighted the technology plan for new national hosting sites, advances in large-scale data transfer, national research data management, and federated elastic cloud computing.

Staffed by a group of Compute Canada team members, the booth accomplished the multi-faceted goals of:

  • showcasing Canada’s computing impact to an international audience;
  • building awareness among a globe-spanning group of scientists, researchers, lab directors, and HPC companies that are at the forefront of technologies that are shaping the future of large-scale technical computing and data-intensive science; and,
  • attracting industry partners.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Discovery of new technology tools for cloud, including an offer of free computing equipment for testing
  • Connecting with vendors participating in the ongoing procurement process, and furthering their understanding of Compute Canada’s requirements
  • Multiple recruitment conversations about the opportunities available within Canada’s research and innovation community, including with many women and underrepresented groups
  • Deepening relationships with important partners, including Globus, XSEDE, WHPC and CASC
  • Outreach activities with Women in HPC (WHPC) to increase the diversity within HPC
  • Engaging potential sponsors and international delegates for HPCS2017
  • Innovative live demo that resulted in one of the fastest academic data transfers in Canada, but most importantly, resulted in successful collaboration among leading Canadian and international networking organizations and companies.

To find out more about SC16 go here.

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