Compute Canada Resource Opportunities 2015


Compute Canada is proud to announce the new Resource Allocation Opportunities for 2015. Compute Canada’s Advanced Research Computing (ARC) resources are accessible to researchers at Canadian academic institutions and may be accessed using the opportunities below.

Compute Canada is leading the creation of a powerful national ARC platform for research. This national platform integrates Advanced Research Computing (ARC) resources at six partner consortia across the country to create a dynamic computational resource. Compute Canada integrates high-performance computers, data resources and tools, and academic research facilities around the country. These integrated resources represent a substantial computing capability and online and long term storage with rapid access and retrieval over Canada’s national, provincial and territorial high-performance networks.

Default Allocations 

The Default Allocations provide researchers with a gateway into the use of ARC for their research. Researchers looking to experiment with the available resources are encouraged to sign up for an account on Compute Canada Database (CCDB) and follow the appropriate steps to access a default allocation. There is no application process for default allocations. The availability of resources using the default allocation process varies between technical sites. Click here for a complete list of sites and default allocations available.

FAST TRACK (By invitation only)

Some existing users who have received a resource allocation in 2014 will be eligible for the Fast Track Process. This will be restricted to requests below a maximum size (storage or compute) and to those with a minimum science rating in their last full application. Researchers and groups eligible for the Fast Track will be contacted directly and invited to submit a simplified application to maintain their existing allocation with no change to the scientific approach or minimal changes to the amount of storage required. Fast Track may be used up to a maximum of two consecutive years before a Resource Allocation Competition application must be submitted.

Resource Allocation Competition (RAC)

This competition is open to all researchers based at Canadian academic institutions. Individual researchers or research groups may use the RAC opportunity to access resources needed over the course of a one-year period. This competition is peer-reviewed and allocations begin on January 1st, of 2015. Applicants interested in applying for the RAC should verify that their resource needs exceed those available through the Default Allocation above.
* The 2015 RAC Competition is now closed. Allocations were issued on January 1, 2015. Final results can be found here.*

Research Platforms and Portals Competition (RPP)

The Research Platforms and Portals (RPP) competition focuses on providing ARC resources to a larger community of researchers driven towards creating a platform for collaboration or a portal for broader use of Compute Canada resources. Allocations may be granted for multiple years and are evaluated using specialized review criteria. The competition uses a two stage review process that involves a Letter of Intent and a Full Application. The LOI is open to all applicants interested in applying. The Full Application stage is open only to groups selected at the LOI stage. Any groups not successful at the LOI stage may complete and submit to the Resource Allocation Competition.
* The 2015 RPP Competition is now closed. Allocations were issued on January 1, 2015. Final results can be found here.*

All resource opportunities are subject to scaling based on the available resources on Compute Canada systems. 

Please submit any questions regarding Compute Canada resource opportunities to