Compute Canada Launches Research Platforms and Portals (RPP) Competition 2017



Each fall, through its annual Resource Allocation Competitions, Compute Canada hosts a Call for Proposals process for allocations of compute or storage resources. The 2017 Competitions kicked off today as Compute Canada launched the first stage of its Research Platforms and Portals (RPP) Competition, targeted specifically at applications that create new or support existing research platforms or portals.

“We welcome submissions from projects that improve access to shared datasets, enhance existing online research tools and facilities, or advance national or international research collaborations,” said Dugan O’Neil, Compute Canada Chief Science Officer. “A number of high-quality applications were received last year, ranging in discipline from the Humanities, to Genomics, to Earth and Environmental Science. It’s clear that more researchers are depending on access to large-scale computational power and storage resources to achieve results, make breakthroughs, and remain competitive with their international colleagues.”

Groups are encouraged to consider applying to the RPP Competition if their submission falls within any of the following categories:

  • Resources requested on behalf of a large community of users that will be reallocated to individuals and small groups following the award.
  • Applications that provide a public platform that will make use of Compute Canada computing or storage.
  • Groups engaging in international agreements to provide multi-year computing or storage solutions based in Canada.
  • Groups that are providing shared data sets accessible using a third party (non-Compute Canada) interface.

Allocations in the RPP Competition may be awarded over multiple years, up to a maximum of three years.

More Information:
For more information on the RPP Competition and Compute Canada’s other resource competitions for 2017, please visit our Resource Allocation Competitions page. If you have questions about whether your resource needs fit within the RPP Competition, please contact us at

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