Compute Canada Enhances and Grows Free Cloud Services for Researchers in Canada



On September 8, Compute Canada Cloud Services were augmented by over 6,000 CPU cores for a total of l8,896 cores. This significant increase in cloud computing power will provide Canadian researchers with sufficient resources for new and ongoing activities. Using OpenStack technology, Compute Canada Cloud Services offer a broad range of services. Researchers will use these capabilities to run database, web portal services and on-demand visualization.

Hosting datasets and providing tools to research groups are required resources beyond the desktop that serve a large portion of our research community. You can learn more about Cloud Computing here.

This increase is the first stage of the renewal of Canada’s Advanced Research Computing Platform. You can learn about the the technology deployment project here.

“I am so pleased to have worked with the national team comprised of representatives from across the country. They led a fair and open procurement process to put the best technology in the hands of our researchers, “ said Dr. Greg Newby, Compute Canada’s Chief Technology Officer. “This system was operational within two weeks of delivery: a great accomplishment from the expert team at the University of Victoria.”

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