André Dieter Bandrauk


André Dieter Bandrauk, recently named Officer of the Order of Canada for his contributions to computational and theoretical chemistry, has pioneered a new field: attosecond science.

Advances in modern laser technology require high-level large-scale simulations and memory simulations. An important “spin-off” of this theoretical and numerical research has been the experimental development of high-order harmonic generation as the main source of current attosecond pulses and attosecond physics, from linear to now-circular polarization. Attosecond pulses are becoming the preferred tool for imaging, visualizing and even controlling the quantum nature of electrons in matter. The simulations require high-level numerical solutions requiring large-memory parallel supercomputers only available via Compute Canada. The growing impact of this science, heralded as the science of the 21 st century, is based on the ultimate control of the quantum nature of the electron, leading to the development of new technologies, such as quantum electronics, quantum magnetics, spintronics and ultra-fast quantum information. This research is being recognized internationally, with a doctorate honoris causa from FU Berlin in 2009 and a nomination as an Officer of the Order of Canada in 2012 for pioneering research in attosecond science.