Results from Compute Canada’s 2017 Resource Allocation Competitions


Each year, the Resource Allocation Competitions (RAC) process becomes more competitive as demand for Compute Canada’s resources grows. The 2017 competition received the highest number of applications to date, with 414 requests (an 11% increase over last year). Compute Canada is pleased to fully meet requests for cloud computing and data storage. However, delivering sufficient resources to meet demand for CPU and GPU remains challenging. Based on available resources for 2017, Compute Canada allocated 58% of the total compute requested.

With funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), Compute Canada is leading the renewal of the national advanced research computing (ARC) platform that will help alleviate this demand for resources. By the end of 2017, Compute Canada will have all four Stage One national systems operational. CFI has also initiated funding for a second round of investments to continue to grow computing and storage capacity and meet researchers’ need for ARC resources.

Read the full report on Resource Allocation Results 2017.

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