A Vision for Research Excellence in Canada


Compute Canada’s Digital Research Infrastructure Consultations Response

Advanced research computing underpins our national prosperity and is a major ingredient in the recipe that will transform our nation from a resource-based to a knowledge economy. The competitive edge required to develop the workforce for sectors such as life sciences, advanced materials, aerospace, automotive and energy relies on the availability of a robust digital research infrastructure strategy in Canada.

Compute Canada, through its collective expertise and direct link to researchers and the research community, has made the following recommendations through the Digital

Research Infrastructure Strategy Consultations to achieve a shared vision of research excellence in Canada:

  1. Create an digital research infrastructure advisory council, which would improve coordination of investment and interoperability of technology among current DRI providers, and provide advice to the Government of Canada on publicly funded digital research infrastructure technology
  2. Improve coordination of investments in federally funded computing infrastructure to enhance regional economic development activities and industry engagement
  3. Ensure sustainable, predictable funding for Advanced Research Computing (ARC)
  4. Enhance the coordination for major science and research investments requiring ARC services
  5. Implement a flexible funding model and flexible mandate to recognize the central and essential role of ARC services
  6. Provide funding to develop software and tools to improve interoperability among different DRI services, enabling researchers to more easily span multiple providers when needed
  7. Expand Canada’s national data infrastructure to include support for preservation and long term access to valuable research data

Details regarding the recommendations can be found in the Digital Research Infrastructure Document (only available in English).

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