2017 Visualize This! Winners Announced


WestGrid, a regional partner of Compute Canada, has announced the winners of the 2017 Visualize This! competition with first place going to Jarno van der Kolk, a postdoctoral researcher from the University of Ottawa Physics Department.

van der Kolk, who works with Lora Ramunno’s Computational Nanophotonics Group, said his goal was to present the data in a way that could be understood by anyone. His work is mainly theoretical, often using visualization techniques to delve deeper into datasets.

“We run large-scale finite-difference time-domain simulations of nonlinear optical processes on WestGrid, SHARCNET, and SOSCIP’s BlueGene,” he said. “These simulations use up to 16,000 CPUs and hundreds of GB of memory, which produces a lot of data that needs to be presented in an understandable way. Visualization helps with showing the problem we are trying to understand with our simulations.”

Now in its second year, Visualize This! is a Canada-wide competition that aims to celebrate the innovative ways visualization can help researchers explore datasets and answer important scientific questions. Participants in the competition had two months to create a compelling visualization for the contributed dataset, a multi-scale aerodynamical model of several counter-rotating vertical-axis wind turbines.

The winning visualization is below and a more detailed description of why the judges selected it can be found on Compute Canada’s national Visualization Team website.

Click here to view the second and third place entries, and read more about the results of the Visualize This! Competition.