Compute Canada’s Annual Report 2015-2016


Compute Canada’s Annual Report 2015-2016 “Supercomputing: Innovation’s Infrastructure” is now available.

Please take a moment to read about our accomplishments of this past year, and learn more about how Compute Canada is championing the largest renewal of advanced research computing resources in Canada’s history.

Message from Mark Dietrich, President & CEO

Across the globe, advanced research computing is recognized as essential infrastructure for discovery, research and innovation. In Canada, we are building on a made-in-Canada model that combines federated operations with concentrated investments and implementation of a national technology plan.

This model allows us to support the needs of Canada’s globally competitive research community, to enable Canada’s big science investments, and to help attract and retain world-class researchers at institutions across Canada.

Our community continues to grow: today we serve more than 10,000 users including 3,000 faculty. We project 60% growth in users over the next 5 years, along with 7x growth in compute and 15x increase storage demand over the same period. Our users and our usage represent the top tier of Canadian research; therefore, growing and sustaining the national ARC platform to keep pace with this demand is essential for Canada to stay globally competitive.

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