Big Data and High Performance Computing Symposium (HPCS) to Showcase Canadian World-Class Experts

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Montréal, QC, June 16, 2015 — Canada’s largest national forum for advanced research computing, Compute Canada’s HPCS, opens tomorrow in Montréal.

Now in its 29th year, HPCS is a multidisciplinary conference where computational researchers from academia, industry, government, and practitioners and vendors exchange new tools, techniques and discoveries.

“Across all disciplines, across all economic sectors, and throughout the innovation pipeline, advanced research computing is transforming how we invent, develop and deploy new solutions to important problems. ARC is an essential component for both globally excellent science and globally competitive  industry. At HPCS, you get to learn how Canada’s  researchers and innovators are achieving global recognition for their work in this area,” says Mark Dietrich, President and Chief Executive Officer at Compute Canada.

Co-hosted with Compute Canada’s regional partner Calcul Québec, this year’s symposium is being held at Concordia University and includes speakers from Bombardier Aerospace, Ericsson, and the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children. See the full programme.

“Quebec is home to many world-class experts that are depend on advanced research computing: areas such as genomics, aerospace engineering and advanced materials where we excel globally. We are thrilled to be this year’s co-host of HPCS. Calcul Québec is taking this opportunity to showcase the strength of Quebec’s industrial and research communities, which are using big data and big compute to further discovery and development,” says Suzanne Talon, Executive Director, Calcul Québec. The conference is made possible through the support of a number of sponsors, including IBM, Dell, Lenovo, and Intel.

For the first time this year, HPCS will host a visualization showcase called SEEING BIG to demonstrate state-of-the-art visualizations from Canadian researchers. Selected entries in the SEEING BIG showcase will be displayed on a large high-definition screen visible to all attendees during the entire conference.

Over the course of the symposium’s three days, more than 300 researchers, technical experts and academic and industrial leaders will explore advances in computational intensive research.


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Executive Director, External Affairs