Compute Canada Awards of Excellence


Have you thanked your advanced research computing expert lately?

Employed by your university, or one of Compute Canada’s four regional partners ACENET, Calcul Québec, Compute Ontario and WestGrid, these experts help you to accelerate and expand your research outcomes.

Compute Canada’s mission is to create and sustain a world-class advanced research computing platform that is accessible by researchers in all disciplines — independent of resource or researcher location. This mission is made possible by Compute Canada’s greatest resource: our people.

As a national organization with a membership that includes more than 37 research universities, Compute Canada has access to a wealth of expertise, drawn from highly trained people and from research institutions across the country. More than 200 staff and support personnel are distributed from coast to coast. These experts help Canada’s research community achieve bigger, better, and faster results.

Help us recognize these exceptional contributions by nominating a Compute Canada team member who has provided outstanding support or service to you or your research group.

All submissions will be reviewed by Compute Canada’s Senior Management Team.

Each award recipient will receive a $500 cash prize. One recipient will receive a special additional prize for outstanding achievement. The award ceremony will take place at the High Performance Computing Symposium (HPCS) in Kingston this coming June 2017. Recipients will also be featured on Compute Canada’s website and in the newsletter.

Nominate someone for an Award of Excellence

Step 1: Select the team member you want to nominate.

Step 2: Tell the story! Complete the “Description of Nominee” section by providing specific examples of how/why your nominee should be considered for the Award.

Step 3: Nominate someone today! Nominations are being accepted until April 21, 2017. Winners will be announced June 2017.

Contest rules:

The submissions that best reflect the spirit behind the awards will be chosen.

Nominate for:

  • Outstanding Support Award of Excellence (individual that provided excellent service/support)
  • Award of Excellence (individual that embodies the spirit of excellence – see categories below)
  • Team Choice Award (outstanding Compute Canada team member as nominated by his/her peers)

We are asking for nominations that:

  • had a significant impact on your research program
  • went above and beyond the call of duty in supporting your work, achieving a deadline, etc.
  • created a tool or service that has removed barriers in your work
  • created or enabled unique cross-Canada collaborations
  • helped enable a group who are not traditional users to use advanced research computing
  • supported, created or managed a platform or portal for a large research group
  • made an outstanding contribution to a national team or service

Submissions are due by April 21, 2017.

Nominate someone today!

Nomination Guidelines

Who is eligible for nomination?

Any active full-time or part-time Compute Canada, ACENET, Calcul Québec, Compute Ontario or WestGrid team member.

Limitations on nominations:

  1. Self-nominations are not accepted
  2. Past award recipients cannot be nominated if they were a recipient in the last two years

Who may nominate?

Compute Canada account holders, Compute Canada team members and regional executives.

Please note:

Supporting letters are not required but are acceptable, and should not exceed a total of five pages.

Selection process

All submissions will be reviewed by Compute Canada’s Senior Management Team and winners will be announced June 2017.

All nominees will be informed of their nomination. If the individual or team you have nominated is selected for an award, you will be notified.

Recognition of all nominees

Being nominated for the Compute Canada Awards of Excellence is an important accomplishment. In recognition of this milestone, all nominees will be recognized with a letter of congratulations, their name will be posted on the Compute Canada website, and they will be featured in an announcement from Compute Canada.