Witold Krzymien


Witold Krzymien’s research, in collaboration with TELUS, aims to make cellular networks more efficient. His work has resulted in several patents being issued. http://ece.engineering.ualberta.ca/en/FacultyStaff/FacultyAcademic/WitoldKrzymien.aspx

Over the past year, some of our research activities have included the publication of numerous papers at multiple internationally respected conferences and in and several peer-reviewed journals. TELUS Communications is an industrial partner in our research. The results of this research have the potential to impact Canadians by boosting the telecommunications industry’s already significant role in the national economy. The resulting designs will also contribute to the design and development of future broadband cellular-system standards used within Canada and internationally. This research would not be possible without Compute Canada’s high-performance computing infrastructure, because it involves very complex simulations of cellular systems and networks. Without these resources, obtaining performance results for the proposed algorithms and cellular system designs would not be possible in any sort of timely fashion.