Andrew Gerber


Andrew Gerber has developed Computational Fluid Dynamics software called EXN/Aero. It has been designed for submarine hydrodynamics and environmental ocean flows, and it is being sold by Envenio Inc, a New Brunswick startup. Dr. Gerber is its vice-president.

(n/a – EXN/Aero reported as outcome to Compute Canada, but project was not elaborated on in the database).

Andrew Gerber is a professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of New Brunswick, with a research emphasis in applied computational fluid dynamics. His research team has developed a next-generation manycore CFD software solution, in collaboration with the Canadian Navy, named EXN/Aero. His most recent research contributions that utilize Compute Canada HPC resources include manycore computing combined with space-time parallelization, simulation of underwater vehicle manoeuvres with a particular emphasis on submarine hydrodynamics and environmental ocean flows with an emphasis on tidal energy site characterization. The EXN manycore software platform, including the CFD solution, is being developed commercially by the company Envenio Inc.