Compute Canada Federation


The Compute Canada Federation (CCF) is composed of 38 partner universities, four regional organizations (WestGrid, Compute Ontario, Calcul Québec and ACENET), and a national office. Together, members of the CCF play a crucial role in supporting research in Canada, offering essential ARC infrastructure, software, and services to research projects across a broad spectrum of scope and need that range from small, individual initiatives or collaborations to Canada’s largest “big science” projects.

Delivering these essential resources to Canadian researchers, regardless of their geographic location or academic discipline, requires a dedicated community of highly qualified personnel who are committed to ensuring that all researchers have access to the high-quality resources they need to undertake cutting-edge research. Our world-class team of more than 200 experts, employed by our partner universities and research institutions across the country, provide direct support to research teams. 

The CCF is a highly distributed federation that draws on the expertise and resources of many partners across Canada.

Key CCF Operational Activities

A number of key activities are required to achieve the CCF’s mission:

  • strong and effective governance and management of operations;
  • deployment of state-of-the art infrastructure and maintenance of essential software;
  • delivery of world-class services;
  • development and implementation of a human resource framework that supports talent retention and management;
  • ongoing implementation and monitoring of a cybersecurity program; and6) effective administrative oversight that includes clear and shared financial processes, risk management frameworks, communication networks and performance measurement.


The Compute Canada Federation’s governance model is unique, combining a federation of institutional and regional partners with a national organization, which reports to an independent board of directors. The four regional partner organizations are observers on the board. Our collaborative governance model seeks to engage directors, advisers and staff with a wide range of expertise to help make Canada a world leader in the use of advanced computing for research, discovery and innovation.

Management structure

Learn more about the CCF’s Executive Management Committee and the national councils.