Join Canada’s largest gathering of advanced research computing experts and researchers! HPCS is celebrating its 30th year as it joins 

Technology Plan Update

Compute Canada is currently leading a broad transformation of Canada’s advanced research computing platform, replacing many aging compute and storage 


CANHEIT | HPCS 2016 Call For Submissions Now Open

Join Compute Canada and CUCCIO June 19-22 in Edmonton, AB for a unique opportunity to connect, collaborate and share best practices in higher education IT and data-intensive, computational research. Lead the discussion around ways to advance national initiatives, strategies and vision for building world-class digital infrastructure in Canada. 

Stephane Moreau

Managing the flow

Stephane Moreau studies the acoustics of transportation systems to minimize health risks Stephane Moreau describes his fields of study as 

Long-time Compute Canada user and Queen’s professor wins Nobel Prize in Physics

Spotlight: CBRAIN

As part of the annual report, Compute Canada has highlighted some of its users and their projects. CBRAIN is a web-based 

Genetics DNA

Spotlight: GenAP

As part of the annual report, Compute Canada has highlighted some of its users and their projects. Genetics and Genomics Analysis 

circuit board

Spotlight: Globus

As part of the annual report, Compute Canada has highlighted some of its users and their projects. Launched in 2014, the 

Dr. Poul Sorensen

Spotlight: Fusion Genomics

As part of the annual report, Compute Canada has highlighted some of its users and their projects. Fusion Genomics is a 


Technology Deployment Plan

On July 30th, 2015, Canada Foundation for Innovation’s (CFI) announced $30 million funding,  from their Cyberinfrastructure Initiative; this investment is 


Annual General Meeting

Compute Canada hosted its Annual General Meeting in Montreal on September 15th, 2015. In many ways, it was a great 

Compute Canada Awards of Excellence 2015

Compute Canada Awards of Excellence

Within Compute Canada’s four regions, more than 200 team members and support personnel are distributed from coast to coast, many employed 


National advanced research computing site selection results

Compute Canada and its regional partners (ACENET, Calcul Québec, Compute Ontario and WestGrid) are pleased to announce the institutions nominated to host national advanced research computing (ARC) systems in Compute Canada’s next round of infrastructure funding. 


Canadians lead in transforming genomic data into knowledge to drive medical innovations

Compute Canada and CANARIE, two critical components of Canada’s national digital infrastructure supporting research, education and innovation, today announced the launch of GenAP, a tool that enables Canadian researchers to easily access and use genomic data to advance our knowledge of human health and disease. 

Herzberg Medal recipient Axel Becke. (John Sherlock photo)

2014 NSERC Herzberg Medal winner

February 17, 2015 Compute Canada and ACNET provided the essential advanced research computing resources for the 2014 NSERC Herzberg Medal 


HPCS 2015 – First call for papers

HPCS 2015, Canada’s pre-eminent forum for HPC, is now accepting Abstract Submissions ( 

Compute Canada Awards of Excellence

Compute Canada Awards of Excellence

ave you thanked your local support for advanced research computing lately? Employed by your university, or one of Compute Canada’s 


CFI’s Cyberinfrastructure Initiative Consultations

The Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) recently announced its much-anticipated Cyberinfrastructure Initiative, which earmarks $30 million in two tranches for 

Compute Canada awards more than $71 million in advanced computing competition to support world-class innovation and research

Spanning nearly every aspect of society — from designing new jet airplanes to treating diseases — advanced research computing is the backbone for research, discovery and innovation. Compute Canada supports world-class research, ranging from answering the profound questions of the universe to designing better automobiles. 

HPCS 2015 – Save The Date!

HPCS 2015, hosted by Calcul Québec and Compute Canada will be held at the Sir George Williams Campus of Concordia 

Compute Canada Resource Opportunities 2015

Compute Canada is proud to announce the new Resource Allocation Opportunities for 2015. Compute Canada’s Advanced Research Computing (ARC) resources 

HPCS 2014: Accelerating Discovery Through HPC

From June 25 to 27, 2014, Canadian and international researchers across six disciplines will be talking about their discoveries using