CategoryEnvironmental Benefits

Dave Risk

Dave Risk is responsible for the spinoff Forerunner Research Inc, a startup company whose invention monitors carbon dioxide and other gases in soil, and sends the information to remote computers. 

Marius Paraschivoiu

Marius Paraschivoiu is a research chair on computational fluids dynamic at Concordia. His wind turbine research, supported by Compute Canada, aimed to create engineering guidelines to maximize the power obtained 

Stephen Tullis

Stephen Tullis has created new industrial designs for the blades and valves used in the creation of wind turbines. His design improvements has increased power-generation performance by approximately 50 per 

Christopher Beaumont

Christopher Beaumont has developed a numerical model called DOUAR, which addresses three-dimensional flow problems from the area of the earth’s crust to its mantle. This model, available online, enables researchers 

Robin Gras

Robin Gras has created EcoSim, a freely available simulation of a predator-prey ecosystem. It can help better understand how human behaviour can affect ecosystems by predicting possible extinctions, the invasion 

Martin Aubé

Martin Aubé has developed a new diagnostic model, ILLUMINA, to help track and control light pollution. his research is aimed at modeling radiative transfer in the atmosphere to characterize 

Alain Rochefort

Alain Rochefort has created an in-house code that allows researchers in his group to conduct Scanning tunneling microscope (STM) imaging, which could lead to better performing electronics that take less 

Paul Charbonneau

Paul Charbonneau seeks to model the sun’s cycle of magnetic activity, which will lead to a better understanding of the impacts of such activity on the environment and the communications 

Dennis Salahub

Dennis Salahub aims to model complex systems in multiple disciplines (chemistry, physics, biology and material sciences) with the goal of using those models within complex environments to better understand how 

Clinton Groth

Clinton Groth has developed in-house software that solves fluid dynamics and combustion problems, with the goal of better understanding combustion and leading to more fuel-efficient and green engines. he 

Holger Hoos

Holger Hoos has developed free-to-use, state-of-the-art software that includes ParaILS: a method for parameter tuning that has been used in dozens of academic and industrial applications. he results of 

Michael Eikerling

Michael Eikerling is collaborating with several fuel-cell (AFCC, Ballard) and automotive (Ford, Nissan) companies to create more efficient fuel cells. esearch in my “Theoretical Chemical Physics and Electrochemical Materials 

Tom Woo

Tom Woo develops new advanced materials for capturing CO2. Woo has created algorithms to virtually construct and simulate the carbon capture process in hypothetical materials, enabling him to focus on 

Luc Mongeau

Luc Mongeau’s research focuses on simulations to reduce noise emissions from aircraft engines. He has worked with several companies, including Héroux-Devtek. He also works on biosimulations for wound healing. 

Man Kong Yau

Man Kong Yau is collaborating with Hydro Quebec to improve short-term forecasts of precipitation. This work can lead to better information about the impact of events such as hurricanes on 

David Zingg

David Zingg’s research informs aircraft design by making it more fuel efficient. He is working with Bombardier, through a Green Aviation R&D Network (GARDN) initiative to make this a reality. 

Andriy Kovalenko

Andriy Kovalenko’s research group puts the application of nanotechnology to problems of high industrial importance for Canada. His work includes collaborations with Imperial Oil in the hopes of developing improved 

Jeffrey Bergthorson

Jeffrey Bergthorson has a collaboration with Rolls Royce Canada and Pratt & Whitney to develop advanced design tools for low-emission combustors (for power-generation and aviation). ur research on the fundamental 

Chandra Veer Singh

Chandra Veer Singh focuses on the computational design of materials for sustainable energy solutions. He has worked with Pratt & Whitney Canada on the computational modelling of strengths in aerospace