The Future Needs of the Canadian ARC Community

The advanced research computing (ARC) needs of the Canadian research and development community continue to grow as the next generation of scientific instruments is deployed, as ARC becomes relevant to answering key questions in an ever broader list of sectors (genomics, ICT, and manufacturing, to name only a few), as new datasets are gathered and mined in innovative ways, and as technological advances allow researchers to construct ever more precise models of the world around us.

In the global race for computing power, the size of available systems plays a major role in what kinds of challenges can be explored.

The size and capacity of our systems for scientific computing and data storage are directly linked to our ability to compete internationally, attract, retain and grow talent, and to encourage adoption of advanced methods in R&D for industry.

World-class researchers migrate to the best research infrastructure, and ARC investments play a strategic role in the global race to be world leading.