As part of its continuing commitment to provide Canadian researchers with the most up to date technology, Compute Canada has announced the launch of its Cloud development environment. This service will enable researchers to meet some of today’s advanced research computing challenges with increased flexibility, the ability to customize virtual machines to unique needs, no job queues, and the ability to work interactively.

The Compute Canada Cloud encompasses over 1200 cores in two environments – east cloud and west cloud – with almost 15,000 GB of combined RAM, and runs on OpenStack, a commonly used open-source platform. It will accommodate both data and computationally intensive projects, and its outward facing IP address will enable data sharing and collaboration. This resource will be greatly enlarged as we deploy the four new national sites.

As with all Compute Canada services, technical support is readily available through a dedicated help desk. Data is stored redundantly in a secure, managed environment, and stays in Canada.