Faculty Users: 1250 in 2012, 3000+ in 2016
100,000 team hours devoted annually in direct support of researchers
Compute Canadians include 46% of the prestigious Canada Excellence Research Chairs, including 32% of NSERC Canada Research Chairs and 25% of Canada's Highly Cited Researchers
Compute Canada-enabled research received citations greater than both the Canadian and world average — by a factor of 2
Two Canadian Nobel Prize winners, Dr. John Polanyi and Dr. Arthur MacDonald, hold current Compute Canada resource allocations
Increase in Users by Discipline: Environmental and Earth Sciences - 36%; Medical Biological and Life Sciences - 26%; Humanities and Social Sciences - 20%
Compute Canada experts delivered more than 54,000 hours of training to over 11,000 researchers at more than 570 training events (2012 to 2014)
Herzberg awards —  Four of the lasst five Herzberg Medal winners have been Compute Canadians, including the current winner, Victoria Kaspi, the first female to win this award
Multidisciplinary research received 500% more citations than the world average when enabled by Compute Canada resources
Compute and Storage Capacity will go from 200,000 cores, 2 Pflops, 20 PB to 300,000 cores, 12 Pflops, 50+ PB by 2017