Calcul Québec

Created in 2011, Calcul Québec (CQ) is an organisation that stems from an Inter-Institutional Agreement among Québec universities striving to provide their researchers with the best advanced research computing (ARC) resources possible. Over 550 research groups and approximately 1,925 users take advantage of the resources made available to them through Calcul Québec. In 2015-16, CQ underwent a restructuring process and adopted new statutes in February 2016. While not incorporated, it is governed by a Board of Directors composed of the Vice-Presidents of Research from seven universities, two industry representatives, two researchers, and two ex-officio members — Calcul Québec’s Chief Executive Officer, and a representative of the Fonds de recherche du Québec (FRQ).

Calcul Québec is financially supported at the provincial level by the FRQ as a Strategic Cluster, and by the ministère de l’Économie, de la Science et de l’Innovation.

Technical Staff and Expertise

In order to efficiently provide support for its diverse community, Calcul Québec employs experts with a wide range of expertise. Its pool of 18 specialized analysts includes people with backgrounds in bioinformatics, physics, chemistry and humanities. CQ’s staff also developed additional capacity to support users by providing training on Hadoop/SPARK, as well as providing expertise in developing portals and grids.

Calcul Québec’s 14 system administrators have years of experience in areas such as computing storage, network management virtualization, software services and security.

Training and Outreach

In 2015-16, Calcul Québec offered 271 hours of training through 47 specialized ARC workshops to 665 participants. It also held its first summer school in May 2015, which offered 35 hours of intensive ARC training to 47 participants over the course of a one week period. In June 2015, Calcul Québec co-hosted HPCS 2015 in Montreal. As the premier event for Canada’s advanced research computing community, it was attended by 345 researchers, students, industry professionals and stakeholders.

Usage of Resources by Québec Researchers

Values of less than 1% are not reflected in these charts.

CPU Usage by Research Discipline (chart)
CPU Usage by Institution (chart)
Suzanne Talon, Chief Executive Officer, Calcul Québec

Advanced research computing is an exciting tool to help scientists take their research to the next level. Last year we expanded our training program with the organization of a week of intensive advanced computing workshops. This summer school was a great success — a unique opportunity for our analysts and users to work and mingle together in a bucolic setting. The Calcul Québec team also engaged in a strategic reorganization to be able to provide an increased level of support to the community. Calcul Québec remains committed to keeping researchers at the core of its activities, and that vision will continue to guide our actions in the future.

- Suzanne Talon, Chief Executive Officer, Calcul Québec