ACENET has been representing the Atlantic provinces since 2003, and currently has an Inter-Institutional Agreement with 12 post-secondary institutions throughout the region. While not a legal entity, it operates under the direction of a Board of Directors comprised of Vice-Presidents of Research from its five Major Resource Providers. Its management structure consists of a Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operations Officer/Chief Technology Officer (COO/CTO), Marketing & Business Development Manager, Finance Manager and Office Coordinator. A Research Directorate comprising seven cross-disciplinary researchers from six institutions provides scientific advice and guidance to the management team. ACENET’s effectiveness is maximized by virtue of it representing a single, unified voice for advanced research computing in Atlantic Canada.

Technical Staff and Expertise

Researchers are supported by technical staff consisting of six Advanced Computing Systems Administrators, six Computational Research Consultants and one Software Developer. This team works in tandem to support the various needs of researchers from cradle to grave. In addition to their expertise in advanced computing, ACENET’s technical staff have advanced degrees in a variety of scientific fields, including Computational Chemistry, Theoretical Chemical Physics, Astrophysics, and Philosophy. It’s a powerful combination that bridges technology and research, providing a rich depth of support to researchers and students. Within this group, there are also two specialists — big data/cloud computing and molecular dynamics.

Training and Outreach

Through ACENET, advanced computing resources, expertise and training are provided to over 900 researchers and students throughout Atlantic Canada. In 2015-16, it carried out 39 training sessions with 600 participants and touched 525 prospective users and influencers through 19 formal outreach events.

Usage of Resources by Atlantic Canadian Researchers

Values of less than 1% are not reflected in these charts.

CPU Usage by Research Discipline (chart)
CPU Usage by Institution (chart)
Ann MacKenzie, Chief Executive Officer, ACENET

The unique partnership under which Compute Canada and the regional consortia operates allows us to deliver world-class service to Canadian researchers. This is in large part enabled by the strength, dedication and teamwork of our experts on the front line and the consortia that support them. We are proud to be part of the success of Canada’s researchers.

- Ann MacKenzie, Chief Executive Officer, ACENET