Norman Murray

Norman Murray’s research seeks to understand galaxy, star and planet formations. His research is part of an international collaboration, which includes Berkeley and several other universities.

This research is focused on the processes by which galaxies, stars, and planets come into existence. (…) SciNet resources are used to run state of the art computer codes which model the gravity, and forces due to pressure, radiation, or magnetic fields. (…) This work has been described at numerous invited talks, including the recent IAU meeting in Bejing and the STScI annual May Symposium. These results, and others not discussed here, help Canadians understand our place in the universe, and how we came to find ourselves on a rocky planet circling a typical star in what turns out to be a characteristic spiral galaxy. This research would not be possible without the superb and massive machines provided by SciNet and Compute/Calcul Canada since the numerical simulations simply cannot be done on desktop computers.