Vision 2020


Compute Canada, as a leading provider of digital research infrastructure, is taking an integrated approach to data and computational infrastructure to benefit all sectors of society.

As a result of the technology refresh and modernization supported by the Canada Foundation for Innovation investment, excellent research will benefit from modern and capable resources for computationally based and data-focused work.

Compute Canada is coordinating with government funding agencies and with other digital research infrastructure providers to develop a vision of coordinating to provide the world’s most advanced, integrated and capable systems, services and support for research.

Future researchers will have seamless access to digital research infrastructure resources, integrated together for maximum efficiency and performance, without needing to be concerned with artificial boundaries based on different geographical locations or providers.

By 2020, Compute Canada will offer a comprehensive catalog of resources to support the full data-research cycle, allowing researchers and their industrial and international partners to compete at a global scale.

In cooperation with Canada’s other digital research infrastructure providers, Compute Canada’s systems and services will facilitate workflows that easily span different resources: from the lab or campus, to national computational resources, analytical facilities, publication archives and with collaborators.

Local support and engagement will remain a hallmark of delivering excellent service to all users. The path to this future has begun, with the modernization of Compute Canada’s advanced research computing cyber-infrastructure.