Technological Leadership Council

Compute Canada’s Technological Leadership Council (TLC) has broad oversight for operations and planning within Compute Canada. The TLC pursues Compute Canada’s Vision: To make Canada a world leader in the use of advanced computing for research, discovery and innovation.

Membership and Roles
  • Greg Newby, Compute Canada Chief Technology Officer and committee chair
  • Dugan O’Neil, Compute Canada Chief Science Officer
  • Marc Rousseau, Compute Canada Chief Software Architect
  • Jonathan Ferland, Compute Canada Director of Security
  • Kelly Nolan, Compute Canada Executive Director, External Affairs
  • Greg Lukeman, member of the Council of Chief Technology Officers
  • Patrick Mann, member of the Council of Chief Technology Officers
  • Chris Loken, member of the Council of Chief Technology Officers
  • Mark Hahn, Monitoring National Team lead
  • Florent Parent, Networking National Team lead
  • Maxime Boissonneault, Research Support National Team lead
  • Bryan Caron, Storage National Team lead
  • Martin Siegert, Simon Fraser University – National System Team lead
  • Ryan Enge, University of Victoria – National System Team lead / Interim Cloud Ops National Team lead
  • Scott Northrup, University of Toronto – National System Team lead
  • John Morton, University of Waterloo – National System Team lead
  • To be named, Security Working Group lead